6 Volunteer Opportunities in Dulles, VA


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Whether you have lived in Dulles all of your life or are new to the area, volunteering is one of the best ways to connect to your community and do good. Volunteer work isn’t always fun, but it is absolutely rewarding. Not only will you help your community, but volunteering is also an excellent way to make friends in your new city. Here are some great opportunities to volunteer in or near Dulles, Virginia.


1. Share Your Talent With Children at Summer Camp

This is an easy one! Do you have a special skill that you could teach to others? Maybe you are great at sports, a talented musician or have some sort of hobby or craft you could teach others. If so, Community Empowerment Northern Virginia is in need of people who can share their special skills during Camp SummerLand 2017. This is an amazing camp located in Sterling, Virginia, where you can help enrich the lives of children aged 5-10 by simply teaching them an awesome skill. Sign up to volunteer here.


2. Schedule a Summer Cleanup at Your Favorite Park

If you do not want to join a formal organization or nonprofit to volunteer, you still can do good all on your own. Grab some friends and family and head to your favorite park. With a couple trash bags in tow, spread out and collect as much litter as possible. You can even make this fun by making it a competition between everyone participating to see who collects the most litter. It will be amazing to see the visual impact of how much trash you collect, and you can enjoy your beautiful park afterward.


3. Help Some Animals Find Their Forever Home

Each Sunday at the Sterling, Virginia PetCo, there is an adoption event held for local cats and dogs in need of homes. 4Paws Rescue Team is calling upon all animal lovers to sign up to volunteer at one of these events. Volunteers will be responsible for showing the cats and dogs to potential adopters, helping set up and break down the event, and providing light care for the animals during the event. This is a great way to meet other animal lovers in your community, and to play a direct role in helping an animal find its forever home. Sign up to volunteer and learn more here.


4. Raise a Puppy to Become a Service Dog

Here is another one for all of you animal lovers who want a more hands-on approach. Veterans Moving Forward, Inc. trains puppies to become services dogs for disabled veterans. In order to accomplish their mission, they need dedicated volunteers to care for a puppy throughout its training process. This means bringing the puppy everywhere with you and to all of its trainings. When old enough, the puppy will be transferred to a veteran. This is an extremely rewarding volunteer opportunity that takes discipline and heart. If you are interested in raising a puppy to become a service dog, contact Veterans Moving Forward.

5. Care for Local Children in Need

INMED is a global organization dedicated to rescuing children facing neglect, hunger, abuse and other poor living conditions. INMED provides support to these individuals from childhood through adulthood. As a part of their range of services, INMED offers education and family support. Volunteers are needed to teach various educational classes and also are needed to care for children while the adults are taking these classes. Learn more and sign up to volunteer, here.


6. Offer Professional Services Pro Bono

Have an organization you want to help in mind, but want to offer something different? Think about what unique skillsets you have that you may be able to offer to an organization. Writing, accounting, consulting, legal and marketing services all are extremely valuable. Offer your skill or service of choice pro bono to the organization of your choice to help it improve.


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