7 Things Every Apartment Should Have


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Items Your Current Apartment Needs

Every apartment is different, not only in size and looks but how the person organizes it to show their own individuality and personality. Regardless of everyone’s different styles, there are some key things every apartment should have. These essentials are what makes a home a good home, laying out the foundation for a more comfortable lifestyle. Consider some of these items when looking at your current or new apartment.

1) Somewhere to Place Your Mail

No matter where you live, mail has a way of scattering itself all over the kitchen table or counter day in and day out. To avoid this issue, try and find a small stand or table to place near the door where you can put your mail each day, avoiding the cluttered mess. Notes and keys can also be placed there to avoid losing them.

2) Fresh Greenery

Having fresh flowers in your apartment brings liveliness and beauty to something ordinary. The vibrant colors and musk they give off act as a natural odor repellent. In addition to flowers, plants are something you should consider as well. They help you to keep in touch with nature while offering you a small sense of responsibility in having to water them each day.

3) Good Vacuum

Sometimes apartments come with certain utilities such as vacuums, but chances are they won’t be of the best quality. Having a good vacuum around the rental is crucial when trying to keep everything clean. If you’ve ever dealt with a bad working vacuum that has a small cord and the tubes clog, you know how much of a necessity it is.

4) Futon

At some point in our lives, everyone has owned one of these. The dual-purpose bed-couch combo is perfect for if you have some people stay over in your one or two-person apartment. It acts as a comfortable couch and is used as a bed instead of having to invest in countless air mattresses which always seem to get holes in them.

5) Pictures

Without pictures on the walls and tables, you might as well be living in a fake, stock apartment. Putting pictures all over the place makes it feel more like home rather than a temporary living space. They do not only have to sit plainly on windowsills or tables; you can also create wall collages if you’re feeling creative.

6) Lighting

There most likely won’t be sufficient lighting in your new apartment, leading you to go out and buy some of your own. A good rule to follow is to have at least three forms of lighting in each room. You don’t want to be stuck one night sitting in the dark or having to move everything you’re doing under the one good source of light so go out and get some light fixtures.

7) Fresh Linens

Making sure you have a surplus of towels and sheets will make it so that you don’t run out. Not doing your laundry is one thing, but if you just didn’t pack enough towels, you’re out of luck and will be burning through your napkins and paper towels in no time. Having a spare set of sheets lets you have something to sleep on while your current ones are in the wash as well.

Apartment Homes in Dulles, Virginia

Hopefully now you have and know everything you need for your new or current apartment. During your apartment search, stop by the Lerner Remington Homes here in Dulles, Virginia for beautiful apartments with luxurious amenities. Give us a call at (703)-436-5801 or take a virtual tour!


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