Moving to Dulles, VA: The Must-Know Places

Getting settled into a new home is especially nerve-racking when you move to a city you don’t know. On the upside, at least you’re forced to conquer a new adventure. Dulles, VA is home to some of the most recognizable and cherished sites in America. For help in the relocation department, here are the top need-to-know places in and around Dulles.
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First things first, Dulles is approximately 40-minutes from Washington DC. Therefore, it’d be extremely wasteful for locals to not get better acquainted with this area and all it has to offer. Tons of respectable people have made their way across the globe just to experience Washington DC. Besides being our nation’s capitol and our president’s home, Washington DC is one of a kind because it’s the center of American government. It’s also known for its rich U.S. history. If you move to Dulles, you definitely want to experience the major DC memorials and attractions.

Famously Historical Sights to Know in DC

White House – Visitors can learn about the White House by booking an informational tour through the U.S. Congressional offices.  If you’re moving to Dulles, you need to hear real life stories about this Washington, D.C. attraction straight from the source. It’s an extremely grounding adventure. While visiting, you’ll also get the privilege of walking through the White House gardens and the famous colored rooms.

U.S. Capitol Building – Visitors should go to the U.S. Capital Building for transformational lectures that teach people about our country’s legislative process. For the full effect, special events and state of the art exhibits are carefully integrated into their educational process. People can even sit in and watch congressional sessions while they’re in progress. Free tours are booked either online through their reservation system or through a member of Congress.

Washington Monument – Being the 1st President of the United States, George Washington has forever paved the way for rising American leaders. And of course, he was also a strong commander in chief for the U.S. Continental Army. The Washington Monument is a historical landmark that was built on the National Mall in Washington, DC to commemorate President George Washington as a world-renowned American contributor. You need to schedule this visit into your calendar, especially since tickets are free. Stop by any day between 9 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Other Must Know Attractions Near or Around Dulles

NOVA Field House – The NOVA Field House is the number 1 must know place for athletes moving to Dulles because it features two of Northern Virginia’s largest indoor turf fields. There’s also an NBA regulation sized basketball court for those interested in shooting hoops like the pros. On another note, the NOVA Field House remains a popular option for classroom instruction and smaller functions due to its spacious community room.

National Air and Space Museum

This museum was purposely built near the Dulles Airport to make room for all the overflow of space and aviation artifacts. Be sure to watch the planes take off at Dulles from the museum observation tower. While you’re there, make time to check out attractions like the space shuttle Enterprise, the Enola Gay, and more.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Long story short, Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum basically had too many items. So, they took all their extra space and aviation artifacts over to a second museum and named it the National Air and Space Museum — Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Dulles Discovery

Located directly off Route 28 and Air and Space Museum Drive, Dulles Discovery is a huge retail unit that spans seven acres of land. It also has four distinct sites. Dulles Discovery is a customer service beacon for office workers, commuters, and visitors to the Air & Space Museum at Udvar-Hazy Center & historic Sully Park. This is a need to know place if you plan on visiting any of the aforementioned attractions.

George Mason University

This is a must know place for students interested in exceptional degree programs in public policy, technology, economics, law, or the visual & performing arts. George Mason University has been a notable educational institution for nearly four decades.

Football and Hockey Stadiums

Both the NFL’s Washington Redskins and the NHL’s Washington Capitals represent Washington DC, but their practice facilities and operational headquarters are stationed in Northern VA. If you’re moving to Dulles, then get in the spirit of things and familiarize yourself with both major-league teams.

Jiffy Lube Live

With over 25,000 seats, this outdoor amphitheater is a must know place for entertainment purposes. Jiffy Lube Live hosts a myriad of mainstream concerts and music festivals.

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