How to Make the Most of Your Apartment/Townhome’s Interior

Moving into a new apartment is exciting. You can finally have a space that is your own. You want to make the most of your apartment, but you may be unsure of where to start. With some expert decorating advice, you can turn your new apartment into a beautiful space that represents your own unique style.

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Remove All the Clutter

Clutter really holds people and places behind. Go through the items you brought with you during your move again. Chances are you brought stuff that you really don’t need in your new space. Determine which items you can let go of and donate them, so you can have more space to work with.

Also, make sure you put away everything you’re keeping in an organized manner before decorating your interior. Having as much open space as possible before decorating is highly recommended and will make you feel less overwhelmed. You can make better use of your space when there’s more of it.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Make the most out of your interior by painting a wall or two. It’s the easiest way to personalize your pad and add a little flair. Pick a color scheme that appeals to you and makes your space feel more open.

Light colors in the living room will make the room feel more spacious, but make sure to add diversity with splashes of color in different areas of the room. Painting the inside of your bookshelf, windowsill or other piece of furniture will bring more excitement and depth into your living room.

If you’re thinking about painting your kitchen or bathroom, use bold, trendy colors. Bold colors work best in these areas and add extra glam to your space.

However, before you start, always ask your landlord ahead of time if you can paint your walls. Most apartment complexes have rules about painting, but in most situations your landlord will let you paint. You might just have to paint the walls white again if you decide to move out in the future.

Decorate Your Walls

When you move into a new apartment, it may not feel like home when you have nothing on the walls yet. Make your apartment stand out with different decorations. Hang a mirror on the opposite wall to make your space feel roomier, or use your walls as a display for your jewelry to add style.

Install floating shelves to add extra storage and make your place feel sleeker. Put up curtains that match your walls for extra flair. Don’t forget to put your favorite paintings and photographs on your walls too to add a personal touch to your space.

Decorating Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Remember, decorating your space does not have to be expensive. You can save some cash by looking for bargains. Look for big sales in different stores or stop by a garage sale to find second hand furniture that will look great in your apartment and help you stay on budget. You can also find unique decorations, furniture and more at your local antique store. You will most likely find something you can use, but for a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay.

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