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Dulles, Virginia, in Loudon County is located less than an hour from the nation’s capital and fifteen minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport. Named after the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, who was born in the area, the community is a quaint small town, rife with things to do and places to see. As a resident of Lerner Remington, you’ll have access to all these offerings. But before you jump headfirst into the depth of Dulles, we figure you’ll first want to organize all your belongings. Here are some tips on how to get started!

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Your foyer or living room is the first place your guests will see when you bring them over to your awesome new residence. By using stackable chairs, you can carve even more room into an already-spacious area and provide plenty of seating for your guests. Here’s another simple solution you may not have considered: Velcro. Remote controls, chargers, and videogame controllers strewn all over the place? Unclutter your living spaceby attaching Velcro to those elusive gadgets and tothe underside of a shelf. One of the simplest, most affordable ways to maximize this area is by adding a large mirror. A chic new mirror is sure to brighten up the space, impress your guests,and amplify your living experience.

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Of course, one of the most important spaces in your new home will be your getaway, your retreat, your sanctuaryafter a busy day in Dulles: that is, your bedroom. Thankfully, there’s no end to the organizing tricks you can apply to the home within your home. Considerplacing plastic storage bins underneath your bed. They do the same job as a dresser without the expense and wasted space. Maximize space by rolling up your tops and storing them in the bins. Arranging your tops this way means all your clothes will be visible. So that photo T-shirt of you and Grammy posing at Busch Gardens? The one that could otherwise get buried in the pile? Find it in no time, and surprise her when she makes the visit over – hopefully with warm, baked treats in hand!If you own a particularly large wardrobe, find solace in knowing your remaining shirts can be stored in your cozy space without undoing its coziness or your budget. Think of installing a shelf above your door for stowing away those leftover tops. Kiss the days of misplaced photo T-shirts goodbye!

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These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many other tricks to consider forstoring your belongings, impressing visiting family and friends, and turning your amenity-packed dwelling at Lerner Remingtoninto a home. One example starts with a plastic shoe organizer and a penchant for cleanliness. Hang a shoe organizer in a suitable place, fit your cleaning suppliesinto its folds (fortunately, your under-bed bins will provide extra space for your shoes), and fret no more about stray mops and spray bottles. Another example solves your mislaid jewelry problem. By recycling a couple of soda bottles and using a short metal rod, you can create a stylish jewelry stand to match and store your favorite items. Oh, and don’t fret about having wrinkles in your rolled-up tops! Since Lerner Remington homes come with full size washer and dryers, let your appliances double as an ironing board. Just place a magnet behind a thin quilt and attach it to the dryer. Whether it be for your roomy bathroom, luxury kitchen, or anotherspecial room in your new place, there’s a wealth of creative tricks and practical tips for organizing your home at Lerner Remington.

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Ready for more good news?All you need to organize your space is located less than a ten-minute walk away at Dulles Town Center (DTC for short), a two-level mall and the largest enclosed shopping center in Loudon County. With DTC’s diversity of stores, you can count on a budget friendly investment in your new place. And when all at homeis arranged to your satisfaction, gather your impressed guests and spend a day of fun at DTC, with its upscale retail stores, highly-rated dining options, and varied entertainment offerings ranging from a luxury movie theater to a Chuck E. Cheese’s for the young ones. No doubt, your newly-organized place at Lerner Remington will be a welcoming haven to return to. Contact Lerner Remington today to discover the perfect plan for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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